vacuum platforms VapourStation bench-top high vacuum platform

deposition sources deposition sources

substrate platens substrate platens

Deposition monitors and system accessories

A range of system accessories such as deposition monitors, viewport deposition baffles and fast entry doors, bakeout heaters etc. available to complement the Oxford Vacuum Science bench-top thin film deposition suite include:


XC-40 series

'substrate level' and 'rate-ramp' deposition monitors:

  • horizontal, collar level mounting on a choice of KF40 (XC-40), NW 40CF-F (XCU-40) or NW 40CF-F rotatable (XCR-40) flanges

  • mounting flange includes water-cooling and 2 x RF (BNC to SMB) feedthroughs

  • quartz crystal monitor head mounted on Cu cooling pipes secured on feedthrough flange

  • adjustable head angle and height

  • mounting pipe lengths configured for NanoSphere 4 (XC-40), PicoSphere (XCU-40) or VapourPhase rate-ramp monitor heads (XCR-40)

        - contact OVS for other mounting pipe configurations

  • Inficon Q-Pod USB transducer interfaces directly with NanoSphere / PicoSphere PC and software

evaporation view

darkened viewport cover for NanoSphere and PicoSphere systems:

viewport deposition baffles

deposition baffle inserts to prevent opaque film deposition on viewport glass:

fast access viewport doors

hinged viewport doors allowing fast access to system without breaking main seal:

HH12x40 / HH12x60

480W / 720W internal halogen bakeout heaters

To find out more about deposition monitors and other accessories for vacuum systems from Oxford Vacuum Science e-mail us at

Oxford Vacuum Science Ltd
18 Enstone Road
Middle Barton

tel: +44 (0) 7495 463875

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