& NanoSphere
Shortcut to NanoSphere bench-top high vacuum platform bench-top high vacuum
& thin film deposition

VapourPhase Ω VapourPhase Ω -high performance thermal evaporator power supply, feedthrough and source
   clamping system high performance
thermal evaporator

SPX 80 shortcut to substrate platens and substrate transfer
   locks substrate platens

XC-40 Shortcut to quartz crystal deposition monitors deposition monitors and system sub-components

Bench-top high vacuum &
thin film deposition

Oxford Vacuum Science offers a range of bench-top high vacuum and thin film deposition products for research & development. Our product range includes:

Bench-top thin film deposition systems

a range of bench and table-top resistive evaporators for research & development applications:
VapourStation VS4C-3x20-R508-20 high vacuum platform with VapourPhase Ω thermal evaporator and Telemark R508 eb source
   and rotary substrate platen

Deposition Sources

RD Mathis CH-10 crucible heater in VapourPhase Ω thermal evaporator viewed through
      deposition view window high performance resistive evaporator for metals and ceramics with innovative features:

and options including:

Substrate platens and transfer locks

SP-95 static, top-port mounted substrate platen
      for substrates up to 70mm diameter substrate mounting solutions to accommodate a wide range of sample sizes and applications:

System components and accessories

XC-40 collar mounted quartz crystal deposition monitor head other vacuum "furniture" available from Oxford Vacuum Science:

  • collar mounted quartz crystal microbalance heads for deposition rate and thickness monitoring

  • collar mounted deposition shutters

  • viewport deposition baffles

  • fast access upper chamber port doors

  • halogen chamber bakeout heaters

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