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Substrate mounting and manipulation

Oxford Vacuum Science has developed a range of substrate mounting platens for use in deposition-up coating systems. Mounted via the top-port of NanoSphere and PicoSphere systems the substrate platens are all NW 100CF-F compatible (but not bakeable beyond 150°C) and range from small, static substrate platens with integrated shutters and deposition monitors for integration into the simplest of systems, to large rotary substrate platens capable of accommodating 12" wafers, whilst 'butterfly' valve type substrate transfer platens allow substrates to be changed without breaking main chamber vacuum in near UHV systems.

SP 95

static substrate platens for NanoSphere 3:

Sub θ

rotary substrate platens for VapourStation 4 and 5:


substrate transfer platens for PicoSphere:

To find out more about Oxford Vacuum Science's substrate platen range e-mail us at

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