VapourPhase Ω VapourPhase Ω - high performance thermal evaporator

VP accessories VapourPhase Ω - thermal evaporator accessories

miniature eb miniature eb source configured for NanoSphere bench-top coater

vacuum platforms VapourStation bench-top coater / thermal evaporator

substrate platens substrate platens for bench-top coaters

accessories system components for bench-top coaters

Thermal Evaporator Power Supplies and Sources

Oxford Vacuum Science specialises in thermal evaporator technology. With the flexible modular design of their bench-top high vacuum platforms and of the VapourPhase resistive evaporator technology, multiple resistive and electron beam heated sources can be combined in a single deposition level within a bench-top coater format, with the eb source even being able to benefit from some of VapourPhase's options such as integrated low level rate ramp monitors and individual source shutters.

VapourPhase Ω

VapourPhase Ω thermal evaporator power supply, feethrough and soouce clamping system

high performance resistively heated thermal evaporator for metals and ceramics:

options and accessories:

miniature eb source, Telemark R508

miniature eb source configured for NanoSphere bench-top coater

compact 270° electron beam evaporation source

integrable with VapourPhase Ω in Oxford Vacuum Science's NanoSphere and PicoSphere bench-top high vacuum platforms:

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